Meet Ashlea

meet ashlea

Hi, friend! I'm so glad you've made it to this little corner of the internet!

My name is Ashlea, and I'm the blogger and recipe creator behind All the Healthy Things. 

I was borned and raised in North Carolina and currently live in Chapel Hill, NC with my  goldendoodle, Riley. If you need me from 9-5 you can find me over at Cultivate What Matters, where I serve as the Customer Delight and Making Things Happen Conference Manager. 

I've always been interested in what I thought was "healthy" eating, but when I found the Paleo diet in law school, my life completely changed.

I had clearer skin, more energy, and my digestive issues were gone. Then, I completed my first round of Whole30 in January of 2016 and my relationship with food and my body was transformed.

I learned that being healthy no longer meant low carb, low fat, or low calorie and it also didn't mean doing hours of cardio in the gym to lose weight. 

My health + wellness philosophy has changed a bit over the years but these days I focus on doing three simple things: 

  • Eat nutrient-dense real foods that fuel and energize my body.
  • Exercise to have fun + build strength,
  • Enjoy time with loved ones, good sleep, dark chocolate, great coffee and lots of laughs. 


All the Healthy Things

The Blog

At the heart of ATHT is the food.

I love sharing simple recipes made with real food ingredients. Healthy food doesn't have to be complicated. I love giving you easy recipes that are simple, quick, and delicious. 

 All the Healthy Things is here to inspire you and give you practical ways to find health in your everyday life. 

You can expect at least 2 new recipes each week (Monday + Thursday) and maybe another post if I'm feeling inspired.

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