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Almond Butter Chia Seed Pudding

This creamy almond butter chia seed pudding is perfect for a quick breakfast, snack, or healthy treat. Made with a combination of plant-based milk, almond butter, and maple syrup, it’s full of healthy fats and naturally sweetened. The best part is that this chia seed pudding only takes five minutes to make. Go ahead and make a batch today for a quick and easy breakfast tomorrow!

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Sea Salt Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bites (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

These Sea Salt Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Bites are the perfect healthy snack to munch on all year long! Made with creamy peanut butter and all natural maple syrup or honey, these peanut butter bites are a wholesome treat that satisfies your sweet tooth without a ton of excess sugar. They pack a punch of fiber with the addition of gluten-free oats and chia seeds, and the chocolate chips and crunchy sea salt on top add a whole new level of deliciousness. Make a batch of these little bites to keep in your fridge or freezer and you’ll always have a healthy snack option ready to go!

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Honey Roasted Peanut Butter (Vegan, Gluten-Free)

This dreamy creamy honey roasted peanut butter is absolutely delicious and made with only 3 simple ingredients. This homemade peanut butter will save you money and you can control exactly what’s in it. If you’ve never made your own nut butter at home, this simple peanut butter recipe is the one to try. It’s so easy and packed full of honey roasted flavor that the whole family will love!

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Dairy-Free Basil Spinach Pesto (Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free)

This Dairy-Free Basil Spinach Pesto recipe is incredibly easy and perfect for the warm summer months when there is more basil than you even know what to do with. This flavorful sauce is the perfect addition to pasta, a delicious spread on sandwiches, and can even be used as the base of a delicious chicken salad. This recipe leaves out the dairy, packs a nutritious punch with the addition of spinach, and literally takes only a few minutes to make in your food processor. The next time you have some extra basil be sure to whip up a batch of this easy dairy-free basil spinach pesto and keep it in your fridge!

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Healthy Broccoli Salad (Paleo, Dairy-Free, Gluten Free)

This Healthy Broccoli Salad is the perfect summer side dish. Crisp broccoli, crunchy sunflower seeds, sweet cranberries, and smokey bacon all come together in this delicious recipe. The sweet and tangy dressing uses a high quality mayo and all natural maple syrup for a healthier twist on a classic side. Serve this broccoli salad at your next BBQ or party. Your whole family will love this simple yet flavorful recipe!

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Buffalo Chicken Spinach Artichoke Dip (Dairy Free + Paleo)

This Buffalo Chicken Spinach Artichoke dip is the perfect combination of everyone’s two favorite dips. Buffalo chicken and spinach artichoke dips come together to make a dip that is incredibly creamy, flavorful, and completely dairy-free and keto. With just a little bit of prep and around a 30 minute cook time, this healthy spin on a comfort food classic is exactly what you need in your life. Pair this easy dip with fresh celery, carrots, and your favorite tortilla chips for the perfect appetizer at your next party, girl’s night, or BBQ!

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Chocolate Raspberry Cashew Butter Cups

Have you ever tried to make your own candy at home? Some things like caramel can be a bit tricky, but some of your favorites, like nut butter cups, may be a lot easier than you think. I’m all about recreating healthier versions of my favorite store bought treats at home and nut butter cups are always at the top of my list.

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Breakfast Cookies (Vegan, Gluten Free)

These healthy oatmeal chocolate chip breakfast cookies are made with just a few real, whole food ingredients. They’re basically oatmeal baked into the form of a cookie and I think we can all get on board with that. These oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are naturally sweetened with mashed banana and maple syrup. Plus, they’re completely dairy-free, vegan, and packed with whole grains and protein to set you up for the ultimate success in the morning.

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Simple Pre-Made Smoothie Jars

It’s finally here! SMOOTHIE SEASON! Smoothies are the unofficial drink of the spring/summer and I’m so excited to share today’s post all about pre-made smoothie jars with you. These make-ahead smoothie jars combine two great ways to save time and still eat healthy - meal prep and a nutritious smoothie.

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Almond Butter & Jelly Smoothie (Dairy-Free, Paleo, Vegan)

Sometimes, you just need a good smoothie. Nine times out of ten, when I decide to whip up a smoothie, it’s the same combination of fruit, nut butter, and my favorite protein powder. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s my favorite and it comes out great every single time.

I usually don’t do smoothies as a full meal replacement, but there are times where nothing else sounds good and I just go with it. The trick to not feeling hungry after you drink a smoothie is to make sure that it’s packed with enough protein and healthy fats.

Most smoothies are just fruit and juice which can leave you feeling hungry and even a little sick after you drink them. Even though you may be drinking it, your smoothie still needs to be a balanced combination of healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates. A balance of all three of those things will leave you feeling great!

This Almond Butter and Jelly Smoothie has a healthy balance of healthy fat from the almond butter and coconut milk, carbohydrates from the fruit, and protein from your favorite protein powder. Go ahead and give this a try for breakfast one day this week!

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