How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

The breakfast sandwich. if there is one thing that I am always down to eat at breakfast it’s a breakfast sandwich filled with all the best things on my favorite bread. It’s absolutely delicious and I couldn’t let All the Healthy Things Breakfast Month pass without a quick post all about one of the best breakfasts of all time.

This post is more of a “how-to” than a recipe which is great because it means that you can get really creative and customize your sandwich to be exactly how you want it to be. I’m going to give you my suggestions, of course, but at the end of the day, your sammie is your sammie and there’s no right or wrong way to dress it up.

Before we get into all of the juicy details, I’ve got to give you a few reasons on why I’m such a big fan of making your own sandwich for breakfast. Here are a couple:

  • it’s filling! what’s the point of eating if you’re going to be hungry 20 minutes later? If you’re looking for the ultimate hearty breakfast option, this is it.

  • it's quick! I know it may not seem that way on the surface, but you’d be surprised at how little time it can take to whip this sandwich up. It may not be a grab-n-go kind of option, but it definitely won’t take you all morning to make either.

  • it’s healthier! as delicious as your local biscuit spot may be, it’s probably not the kind of breakfast you want to have every single morning. I love making this sandwich when I’m craving a little something more substantial, but also want to stay in my healthy routine. I can add fresh greens, use a leaner meat, and control the ingredients going into my food, which is always a plus.

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Alright, let’s get into this! First, let’s start with the bread. I love to use a few slices of a good sourdough bread for this sandwich. You could also use your favorite gluten free bread if you need to avoid gluten all together. Whatever kind of bread you decide to use, you just want to make sure it’s big enough to accommodate all of your sandwich fixings. We don’t want anything falling out or apart, ok? Also, it goes without saying, but toasting your bread just a little is also a great move here.

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Next up is your condiments or what I like to your mashes and spreads. These are what give your sandwich all of the flavor so they’re particularly important. Also, as someone who doesn’t eat a ton of dairy, adding a flavorful spread of some sort kind of ties everything in the sandwich together like cheese would.

My go-to choices are always leftover guacamole or mashed avocado and chipotle mayo. You could get creative here and use whatever you’d like though! I’ve also used a garlic aioli mayo or my own homemade chipotle aioli. Don’t be afraid to try something new here and really add that flavor.

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Once you have the base, you can start adding things like fresh greens and protein. My favorite greens to use on a sandwich are spinach or arugula. They add some extra leafy green goodness to your sandwich but they’re not overpowering so they won’t change the entire taste of your sandwich.

Next up is the protein. You can go really classic here and just do regular bacon and a fried egg or you can try a couple of different combinations depending on what you like. Here are some of my go-to sandwich combos:

  • turkey bacon and egg (fried or scrambled, your choice)

  • turkey bacon/bacon, egg, and tomato

  • egg and cheese

  • sliced ham and egg

Ok, now it’s time for you to make your own breakfast sandwich combo and let me know what you think!

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich



  1. Spread the guacamole/avocado and chipotle mayo on both sides of the bread.

  2. Next pile on all the rest of the ingredients. I like to start with spinach, then egg, and then bacon. Put everything together and enjoy!

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich