Gratitude Impacts Your Attitude: 40 Days of Gratitude Week 2

Happy Monday, y'all! A few weeks ago, I shared the 40 Days of Gratitude Project with you. For the next 40 days, I'm choosing to intentionally practice gratitude by journaling about one thing I'm grateful for each morning. If you missed the original post, with a full explanation of the project, you can check it out here. Each week I'm sharing a weekly recap of my experience. Click here to read last week's recap!

What I've learned from my second week of practicing gratitude is short and sweet - gratitude impacts your attitude.

This past week was full. Work was busy, and I felt a little rushed all week long. Because my week was so hectic, it took a little extra effort to journal each morning, and one day I just flat out forgot. By the afternoon, I was cranky and found myself complaining about every little thing. It was in that moment that I realized I had forgotten to spend time, that morning, in thanks. So, I stopped what I was doing and immediately started to thank God. After only a few minutes, my attitude had completely changed. My crankiness was gone and I had a much more joyful outlook.

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Before I started this journey, I knew that having an attitude of gratitude was important, but this week reminded me that choosing to practice gratitude can also be a useful tool. When you're frustrated or annoyed it's SO easy to stay focused on the negative. But, when we keep our attention on what's wrong, it only leads to the path of more frustration, anxiety, sadness, etc. When we're in a tough or challenging place, the best thing we can do is refocus our heart and mind toward gratitude. By finding something to be grateful for, we take our attention off of what is going wrong and put it back on all of the things that are going right. 



Honestly, what you choose to be thankful for in that moment doesn't have to be some incredibly monumental thing. It can be as simple as thanking God for the breath in your lungs. When we're practicing gratitude in the midst of a tough situation, it's not really about what we choose to be thankful for that matters. Instead, it's about making the conscious decision, in the middle of a challenging moment or season, to practice gratitude. That's when our attitude shifts, our perspective changes, and we gain the strength to continue to face whatever challenges may be ahead. It's in the moments that we remain grateful, even when it seems that we have every reason not to be, that something beautiful happens. 

How are you choosing to practice gratitude today? Let me know if the comments below!


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