My Goals for This Year + What I've Been Loving Lately

If I haven't told you already, happy January! Don't you just love the start of a new year?! I love taking some time each January to reflect on the past year (both the good and the bad!), and to set a few new goals and intentions for the year to come. 

Welcome January and My Goals for This Year

This year, I'm keeping things simple and setting just a few carefully cultivated, meaningful goals instead of my usually laundry list of random things I want to accomplish. Here are a few of the goals I want to make happen in 2018! 


My Goals for 2018

1. Strengthen my faith.

This is a goal that I set every year and it's one that I'll never stop setting for myself. My relationship with God is the most important relationship I have, and I never want to stop getting to know Him and His plan for my life. This year, I'm focusing on cultivating consistency in doing the two things that I know will draw me closer to God - prayer and reading my Bible. If I'm being honest, setting aside specific time to read my bible and pray is a challenge for me. I go through seasons where I'm great at doing both consistently and other times where I really struggle to find the time. I used to beat myself up about missing a few days of spending time in the Word each morning, which only made me feel guilty and less excited to get back to my routine. But, I've learned that giving myself grace and just getting back into the flow of things is the best remedy. 


2. Take care of my body.

Last year was a really stressful year for me and, because of that, maintaining my fitness level took a back seat to everything else. This year, I'm excited to ease back into the swing of regular workouts and consistent movement. For me, eating nutrient dense food is just part of the equation. I know I feel my absolute best when I have a regular workout routine. 


3. Grow my blog.

I started my blog as a hobby because I was bored. Now that I know how much I love blogging (you can read about my blogging journey here), I want to pursue it as more of a business instead of just a fun way to spend my free time. That means more recipes, blog posts, and all around helpful content for you!


4. Live my best life.

This year I want to spend more time truly LIVING and just having fun. That looks different for everyone, but for me, it means spending less time on social media, enjoying more quality time with loved ones, doing more traveling, trying new things, and finding the activities that truly bring me joy.


And, here's what I've been loving lately:

My Cultivate What Matters Powersheets have helped me uncover my goals for this year! 

I love my She Reads Truth Bible and the SRT daily devotions. I'm currently studying the book of Matthew. 

Really loving the Food Blogger Pro podcast. So much good info!

Cannot stop eating this Lemon Herb Tahini Dressing. It's going on everything. 

Obsessed with my Day Designer that helps keep my schedule organized. 

This Moleskin Journal captures all of my dreams, to-do lists, and random thoughts.


Ok, your turn - what have you been loving lately?

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