5 Things I Learned from Doing a Whole30

A few weeks ago I completed my fourth Whole30. Thirty full days of nothing but real food. Thirty days of saying no to some things, but saying yes to so much more.

I learned a lot over the last thirty days that I am still processing, but for now, I can sum it up in five key lessons that I'll forever be carrying with me. 

Five Things I Learned

1. I CAN do hard things...when I really want to do them. It's amazing what I can accomplish when my commitment matches my desire. 

2. I really want to do something when I'm connected to a meaningful "WHY". Getting engaged motivated me to renew my commitment to my health. This Whole30 wasn't about "sweating for the wedding" or fitting into a dress, it was about starting this next season of married life feeling like my healthiest, strongest, and most confident self. 

3. There's no shame in admitting when I need to make a change. Sometimes the strongest thing you can do is admit when something isn't working for you. 

4. Food is important, but it's not everything. As much as the last 30 days was about the food, it was also about reminding myself that I am capable of saying no to things that don't serve me and taking control of my health. I don't have control over everything, but I'm also not helpless. I have more power than I think. 

5. Sometimes, temporary discomfort is necessary to see longterm benefits. The Whole30 gets a lot of backlash about how it's too restrictive and if you had to do it forever to be successful, I would agree. But, you don't. You commit for 30 days, that's it. I can tell you from personal experience that sacrificing a few foods for only 30 days to learn more about yourself and your body is totally worth it. 

Are you interested in doing a Whole30? I'd love for you to leave a comment below and let me know what's holding you back?

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